Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies are simple and we would like to present them to you in the simplest terms.   

  1. Our web server does not automatically recognize domains nor email addresses.
  1. We do not set cookies on our site.  However, do note that clicking on links within this site may lead to sites which set cookies.
  1. We collect information regarding the pages you access or visit on our site.  This information is used for internal review which is subsequently used to improve the content of our webpage.  All information are discarded upon review.
  1. We provide site visitors access to all information upon their request.
  1. Security measures have been put in place in our physical facilities to ensure the safety of all information collected from visitors. 
  1. In the event that we would need customer information for purposes not previously disclosed here, we will notify you by posting it on our site.  Further, we will only use data collected from the time the policy change has been effected.

We will notify you of any changes in our privacy policy by posting them here on the site.  If you have concerns about how your information is used, we ask that you regularly check back on us. 











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