It is unfortunate to know that in an attempt to try and sell their products, some manufacturers resort to dirty marketing practices to further their sales.  We believe it is important that you are aware of these tactics to help you make a well-informed and sound decision when choosing an anti-aging product.  Below are some of the more common tactics: 

  1. Use of deceitful review sites. 

    What manufacturers do is to create multiple websites which all review their product in a positive light.  This creates the impression that their product is one of the best in the market.  Be on the lookout for review sites that only link to one product and always check the “About Us” page.   

  1. Bogus testimonials.

    With all the product testimonials going around the net, be aware that not all of these testimonials are authentic.  Some have been paid.  Some are made by the manufacturers themselves.  And some could even be made by the product’s competitors.   

Another thing that you should be wary of when deciding to purchase an anti-aging cream are products that are being marketed as an anti-aging cream but do not really possess the right ingredients to effectively decrease your wrinkles.  Specifically, you should be watchful on products that: 

  • package and market their moisturizer as an anti-aging cream
  • peel off layers of skin
  • only use silicon dioxide as their main ingredient
There is a big difference between a moisturizer and an anti-aging cream.  While it only takes a few, minor changes to make a moisturizer look like a cream, these changes will not decrease your wrinkles.   

Other products claim to remove fine lines and wrinkles when all they are actually doing is to remove skin layers.  The tender skin you feel after this process is only due to the fact that the outer layer of your skin has been stripped off.  Further, this process will actually make you look older as you have now stripped off your skin’s protective, outer layer. 

Silicon Dioxide in itself is not bad.  In fact, a couple of the best anti-aging products use this ingredient to provide an immediate younger looking skin.  The difference is that the best anti-aging products know that this is a temporary, quick fix solution.  What you should be wary about are products that solely rely on this ingredient and then package themselves as an anti-aging cream.  If you use a product that solely relies on this ingredient, be advised that the effect will only last until the time you wash your face.

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