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Product: LifeCell LifeCell Skin CareSkin Care
Rating: 5 Stars
Guarantee: 120 day double money back
Free Trial Period: 30 Days
Price: $189.00 1st Shipment ($149.00 Thereafter )
Shipping: Free
Total Price: $189.00
Supply: 40 Days
Cost Per Day: $4.73 for the first 40 days then $3.73 thereafter.
Type: Cream
Quality: Excellent
Ease of Use: Extremely Easy
Customer Satisfaction: Excellent
Website: www.LifeCellSkin.com
Website Safety: Extremely Secure

LifeCell has 5 main active ingredients as follows:  

Argireline/AH3 (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3)
AH3 is best known for being the safer alternative to Botox.  But unlike Botox, AH3 does not involve paralysis, toxins or side effects caused by leaked serum.  Instead, it blocks the nerve signals (neurotransmitters) that control the contraction of facial muscles which leads to decreased appearance of wrinkles. 

Ascorbyl Palmitate
Ascorbyl Palmitate is the combination of Ascorbic Acid and Palmitic Acid.  As opposed to L-Ascorbic Acid, which is the cheaper version of Vitamin C, Ascorbyl Palmitate is stable and can be mixed into creams without losing its full potency.  It is non-irritating and can, in fact, be placed on an open wound without stinging.   

Applying Deanol on our skin helps produce acetycholine which brings about a stronger muscle tone and firmer skin.  The nice thing about this is that you don’t have to wait for weeks to see the results.  It works its magic almost instantly.  Moreover, the regular continued use of Deanol will give your face a natural lift.  

D3PA (Dithiolane 3-Pentanic Acid)
D3PA is a universal anti-oxidant that destroys all free-radicals.  While other anti-oxidants can only prevent damage to the inside or outside of a cell, D3PA is invaluable because it can protect the entire cell as it is both water and fat soluble.  It has also more staying power than other anti-oxidants and can help increase our skin’s cellular energy to heal damaged skin and create new skin cells.   

Idebenone is another powerful anti-oxidant that helps supercharge our cell’s powerplants (mitochondria).  Idebenone works at helping speed up the removal of dead skin.  It also boosts our body’s ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules.

How Long Does LifeCell Take To Work?

It works right away almost immediately! However, let's be realistic and do not expect to wake up as a supermodel overnight. We need to have realistic expectation of what LifeCell really does. On the first day, you should notice softer, more supple skin. Wrinkles will not disappear right away. Instead, they will fade away over time. You will start to notice the huge difference after you have used it for three to six months.

Hold on. Doesn't LifeCell claim that wrinkles will vanish right before your eyes? Yes they do! LifeCell uses silicone dioxide crystals which is used by Hollywood to eliminate wrinkles on the big screen. What these crystals actually do is to refract light which causes wrinkles to disappear. You will need plenty of light to see this take effect. Keep in mind that Silicone Dioxide crystals only help temporarily until such time that the other ingredients can rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.

As long as you do not have any big expectations over seeing changes overnight and you realize that one application will not take twenty years off your face, then you will not be disappointed. You have to commit to fighting the aging process on a long term basis. If you are serious about looking half your age, get started with LifeCell now and plan to use it regularly.


For years, LifeCell has been used by Hollywood’s celebrities and supermodels to look younger.  Its effectiveness has definitely been proven and in fact, a couple of high profile celebrities have come forward to give in their testimonies. 

Now, why is LifeCell different from other creams? 

While most cosmetic companies claim to have all the wrinkle-fighting ingredients, the truth is, the amount of ingredients they put in their creams are so little that it won’t make any difference.  A certain amount of ingredient has to be present for it to work its magic.  This is why LifeCell is different.  LifeCell has all the right ingredients in the proper amount which makes it effective. 

LifeCell uses high grade ingredients and do not use any low quality derivatives.  They also do not use ingredient fillers.  More importantly, these ingredients have been tested to work well together.

Another reason why LifeCell is a Hollywood favorite is its ability to produce immediate results which is perfect for last minute touch ups.  How is this possible?  LifeCell uses silicone dioxide crystals which refracts light to make wrinkles “magically disappear.”   


People sometimes have unrealistic dreams of looking like a supermodel after just one application.  Unrealistic dreams can only lead to disappointment and frustration.  When people read LifeCell reviews and read about the “immediate” results that the silicone dioxide crystals do, they immediately have visions of them looking like a celebrity.  Let us be realistic.  Keep in mind that the Silicone Dioxide crystals only help temporarily until such time that the other ingredients can rejuvenate your skin.   

People also sometimes get excited about receiving their free trial offer that they do not read the website as thoroughly as they should.  Scanning over the site can only lead to false assumptions and invalid complaints.  Most complaints are from people who order the free trial offer, register in the auto-ship program of LifeCell and then get surprised when LifeCell delivers the next order and charges their card after 30 days.  Please read the site carefully.  This was explained in detail on the site. 


LifeCell promises a lot and they promise big.  We know they can deliver because we personally use them.  Immediate results can be seen and the long term results gained from continuous use is definitely remarkable.  Friends and family have taken notice of the change and are raving about it.  Expect a miracle but do not expect it overnight.  Use it regularly and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Get LifeCell & Say Goodbye To Wrinkles

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